About Us

The Victoria Dance School of Singapore is a dance education, exchange and research institution registered with the Singapore government and is affiliated to the Singapore Asian Art Group. The school was registered in September 1999 and is the only dance school in the Commonwealth countries that allows the Queen of England to be named. The school is committed to promoting and improving dance art, actively training dance art talents, and popularizing the audience of dance art. At present, the school has more than 1,600 students, and the national (Singapore) market share of Chinese dance  alone has reached nearly 40%. So far, the school has played an active role in the promotion and promotion of Singapore's local Chinese dance  art and international exchanges, and has made many achievements, which have been praised by key members of the Singapore government many times.

Our Courses

1.DSA Courses

We aim at each student's level to enhance their professional dance skillsand knowledge.Strengthen training and training.

2. Chinese Dance

Chinese dance emphasizes three bends,roundness and breath.Including basic Chinese dance training,skill training and dance combination.

3.Ballet Dance

Ballet emphasizes the technique of the foot and the upward stretch of the upper body.

The basic skills training of ballet,soft shoes and hard shoes courses.Character sketch exercises.

4. Modern Dance

Modern dance is diversified,emphasizing the fluency,control and tension of the body.It requires very flexible use of the limbs.It can train the body's flexibility and responsiveness.

5. Street Dance

There are many types of Street dance,basic rhythm training and how to use the body's power points to make movements. Train the body's memory ability and sense of rhythm.


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Development Concept

The Victoria Dance School has organized art professionals from all over the world, combining modernity, tradition, and local diversified cultural characteristics, and actively develops educational courses suitable for local students to learn dance art. In the way of entertaining and entertaining, students are allowed to learn different cultures while learning dance skills; through the understanding of different cultures, they can understand the content of dance. It can be said that this teaching method of "learning culture through dance and understanding dance through culture" is loved by many students. We will also continue to develop in this area to provide students with more interesting and useful courses. The courses we currently have include: Chinese dance, modern dance, ballet, jazz dance, national standard dance, street dance, Malay dance, Indian dance, yoga and other courses.

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